Supplier Assessment

1.      Method of Assessment


It is a requirement of PSM that suppliers must conform to one of the following controls. Ideally these controls will be applied before orders are placed. However it is permitted to place orders without prior system evaluation depending on the suppliers individual merits.


2.      Controls

2.1 The supplier has completed a PSM Supplier Quality Questionnaire (SQQ) or an equivalent supplier generated document that captures the requirements of PSM’s SQQ.

2.2     The suppliers Quality System will have been assessed and approved by PSM’s Quality Department.

2.3     The supplier may be registered as a BS EN ISO 9001 approved organisation.


3.      Supplier Quality Questionnaire (SQQ)


3.1 All potential new suppliers must complete the SQQ. This will be forwarded by PSM’’s Q&E Representative, on receipt of a Supplier Approval Request (SAR), approved by PSM’s Sales Department.

3.2 The purpose of the questionnaire is to give an initial overview of the supplier’s organisation. After the completed questionnaire has been evaluated by PSM, a decision will be made as to the level of approval to be granted. This is based on the requirement for any further action such as assessment of the suppliers quality system. The supplier will be expected to submit an SQQ every 3 years from the initial date of approval.


4.      Supplier Audits 

4.1 On site audits may be conducted as part of the initial introduction as a new supplier. The decision to audit a newly identified supplier depends on many aspects such as criticality of supply, approvals held, location and financial implications. Notification of the audit will be given well in advance.

4.2 As part of PSM’s Supplier Development programme and Supplier Control process, all Approved Suppliers may be subject to an ongoing Supplier Verification audit. Selected suppliers will be audited as necessary to verify product conformance. These audits may be made up of a cross-functional team consisting of Quality, Procurement and Production personnel. The purpose of a cross-functional team is to substantiate the effectiveness of the suppliers administration, manufacturing and quality system.


5.      Approved Supplier List

5.1 PSM operate a controlled “Supplier List” which consists of all suppliers approved to supply products/services to PSM. The supplier list includes General Suppliers and Manufacturing Resource Suppliers (MRS). Suppliers granted approved MRS status are subject to the controls established to assess, control, verify and develop the supplier. Approval is granted for a three-year period, thereafter, a review will be conducted either by audit or questionnaire and/or previous performance data analysed to assess the applicability for continued business.


6.      Definitions of Supplier Categories

Manufacturing Resource Supplier


A supplier of materials, sub – contract processes, components and tooling, typically used in the direct manufacture of finished goods.

General Supplier

A supplier of indirect services, consumables, maintenance and other items, which typically indirectly support the manufacture of finished goods.